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Our Equipment Up-to-Date Technology Helps You Get Back on the Road Faster

Our state-of-the-art truck towing and recovery equipment makes us leaders in our field. 

Our high-tech towing and recovery equipment will meet your needs at any recovery site.

 peterbuilt 75 ton miller rotator northern AZ

 Peterbuilt 75 Ton Miller Rotator


 Tater 7 Peterbuilt 75 ton miller rotator

 Kenworth 60-ton NRC Sliding Rotator - Recovery and Decking

Kenworth 5030 Heavy Tow northern Arizona

 Kenworth 5030 Heavy Tow Truck/Wrecker with Side Puller


 Kenworth Zacklift Heavy Tow Truck-Wrecker-I-17

 Kenworth 2011 - Zacklift Heavy Tow Truck/Wrecker        Interstate Transporter



 Peterbuilt 5030 - Heavy Duty Tow Truck/Wrecker

 Kenworth 2011 Zacklift Heavy Tow Truck Coach Tow

Kenworth 660 Landoll 53' Transport hauling tour bus/motorcoach



 International Rollback

You can count on our professional, heavy duty recovery and towing equipment to get you out of any situation.

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